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another LAME green week at NBC

If you were watching NBC last week, you probably noticed that it was “green week” on many of its shows. At this point we’re all so numb to the constant drumbeat of the “go green” message that we probably didn’t think anything of their shows environmental lean. But let’s pause to ponder what would drive NBC to color the peacock in the bottom corner of the screen green. The network NBC is owned by the General Electric company. GE, out of necessity, is one of the companies leading the charge toward renewable energy sources, and stands to earn billions of dollars in the future if we continue down the road of massive environmental policy change such as “cap and trade.” How? Because GE is hoping to create a side business of buying and selling these so-called “carbon credits” to businesses declared to be over some arbitrary emission limit. If this sounds like a scam which will hurt businesses and our nation’s economy, that’s because it most certainly is. But yet General Electric sees dollar signs, so it is obviously in their best interests to continue shoving the Humans-Are-Destroying-The-Planet!! message down our throats, as a means to their desired end of congressional legislation which would put this scam into motion. And what better way to do this than to have some of its most popular shows, such as 30 Rock and The Office, have episodes devoted to this green theme? The message was pretty low-key in The Office, for the most part restricted to Dwight Schrute’s opening sequence dressed up as Recyclops for Earth Day (which is in April, so the reference didn’t make a whole lot of sense in November). On the other hand, 30 Rock went full speed ahead with the message, as Jack (Alec Baldwin) instructed company page Kenneth to cut back on TGS’s (the fictitious show-within-the-show) “carbon footprint.” Kenneth immediately claimed to be a global warming doubter, which made perfect sense because even though he is a lovable character, he is often referred to as backwards and a simpleton. Environmentalists are often attempting to belittle doubters by shouting them down as unintelligent for not trusting the “overwhelming scientific proof” about global warming. 30 Rock even went so far as bringing back the blowhard himself, Al Gore (he was on 30 Rock two years ago with a similar message), to spout off his usual green diatribe that we “need to change our laws” to spur actual environmental change. Yes, the same Al Gore who is gaining enormous personal wealth by flying all over the world preaching his environmental doom-and-gloom scenarios to gullible audiences, and would most certainly find a way to profit handsomely, much like GE, if these law changes he is advocating were to ever happen. Conflict of interest much? Indeed.
In closing, I always have to remind everyone after I share my disagreements with global warming, that I actually do believe in helping the environment. We should all continue to recycle, turn off lights when we’re not in the room, turn off computer screens when we’re not using them, etc… saving energy and water (especially here in California) when you can makes all the sense in the world and we should all be doing our part. But I strongly disagree with the crazy “go green” mantra, Humans-Are-Destroying-The-Planet!!, California will be underwater in 10 years (which I’m pretty sure was threatened more than 10 years ago), you better change out your light bulbs or we’re all doing to die scare tactics. Thankfully, the Senate has pushed back dealing with any possible “cap and trade” legislation into at least next year. That is a good start.