Adam Lambert and The Kiss… too soon?

Breaking news… Adam Lambert is gay!  Oh yeah, we had kind of already processed that tidbit months ago.  And were fine with it.  But lest it slip our minds, Adam made sure to remind us of that fact on Sunday night at the American Music Awards by locking lips with his keyboard player, a man!  Shock!  Shame!  Confusion!

Let’s all take a deep breath. Now that we’ve had a day for our feelings to simmer regarding The Kiss Heard Round The World, not to mention the Pelvic Thrusts Heard Round The World, and the Odd Pulling Of That Chick By Her Feet Round The Stage, how do we feel about Mr. Lambert’s performance?  First things first, it’s not like there most of that hasn’t been done on stage before. Britney has made a good living out of doing pretty much exactly that. Second, it’s not like there has never been any gay artists before.  That’s fine.  If you make music we like to listen to, I don’t think anyone cares about your orientation.  But when you start making out with other dudes on stage, we’re kinda forced to take notice and evaluate.  Suddenly, it’s not about your music anymore, it’s about you being gay.  And that’s where you, Adam Lambert, are treading dangerously.  You’re too good for this.  You don’t need to resort to shock value to get people to notice you.  Your voice does that for you.  You risk alienating a large amount of people who very well might have bought your CD or enjoyed your music on the radio (if it ever gets there) by shoving your orientation in their faces.  We’re all happy that you’re comfortable with your sexuality, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be, but the problem is that there are people who aren’t quite as comfortable with watching you being so comfortable with it.  ABC is certainly uncomfortable, and has now dumped him from his Good Morning America appearance and performance that was scheduled for Wednesday morning.  CBS, who could use the publicity, has immediately snatched him for their Early Show or whatever it’s called.

I’ll be honest, I was very much looking forward to Adam’s first single and how it might sound.  With his amazing voice, I legitimately thought he could come out with some sort of game-changing tune, and really take pop music to the next level.  Then “For Your Entertainment” arrived, his debut single (the song he performed at the AMA’s), and I sighed.  It was nothing special.  His record company has already realized that song is a dud, and has now begun focusing on another track (written by Pink) called “Whattya Want From Me.”

So Adam, I’ll consider that strike one.  You saw your first pitch as a Potential Rock Star, and you took a healthy swing at it.  But you swung and missed.  Please step out of the box and reconsider before you take your next swing, because there’s a lot of us who would very much like to enjoy your music.  I hope you give us that opportunity.


#1 alina on 11.24.09 at 11:02 pm

i totally agree!!

#2 yvonne mock on 12.01.09 at 12:35 pm

Adam has got to be in my mind, The greatest Artist of the centry ! He is a Monster Talent !!!.He shows the dept of his soul in his music ,that we all love him as an artist ,! Dose not mean we have to agree with his personal choices ! of life style , and i for one am a human being and i think i have the right for my self , I dont want to see his flegrant displays , and shove it in your face atitude ,After all i love the artist . I want to see him prform but hes not some one i would be comfortabule wantching with my my 13 year old grand daughter, and im not a hater just a realist . I can see the attetudes of our children and i just dont think people of Any Sexual Orentation have the right to push it in our faces , Be discreat our Children are watching .