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Mickey Mouse gets naughty??!!

Evidently, bosses at Disney are pretty seriously talking about “tweaking” the iconic Mickey Mouse’s image to make him more relevant to the younger generation. The first evidence of this shift is turning up in a new video game due out for the Wii next fall in which players can choose to make Mickey valiant and heroic or can choose to him to be well, wicked. The game developer of “Epic Mickey” stated to the New York Times, “Mickey is certainly never going to become evil and go around killing anybody, but I want him to be able to be naughty.” Wow! Mickey Mouse, naughty??
That got me to thinking, who stands to benefit most from Mickey’s new mischevious ways?
A- Disney executives (if the new Mickey’s merchandise sales surge through the roof)
B- generations of youth that now have yet another not-so-good role model to look up to
C- Minnie Mouse
Haha! What do you think of Mickey’s potential revamping??