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I Get Tasered In The ASS? HUH?

so..Tommy G’s mom left him this voicemail which expressed her concern for Tommy and how she doesn’t want him to get tasered. That was enough for me to NOT let him do it.

HOWEVER, someone had to get tasered!

750,000 Volts of electricity through my ass!!

Thank you to Ron from Right Choice Security, Nurse Staci for being on standby and for all the texts, calls, and emails of support! Lol..check out the video…if you dare:)

Tasering Tommy G’s Ass!!! WTF?

PhotobucketPhotobucketSo after a couple alcohol beverages,(..or several:) for some odd reason Tommy G and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to TASER Tommy’s ass!!! We are going set the record for, “The World’s First Intentional ASS TASERING!” Haha, Call me with your thoughts, questions, and of course concerns…

Wed @ 8:30pm…the ass hairs becomes singed!!! Check back to watch the video and listen to the hilarious audio!

and in order to get ready…we decided to WAX HIS ASS!!! (courtesy of Jenneane’s On J)


World Record Wednesday!!

2nite Tommy will try to set the record for the, “Most kisses on the mouth at a CONVALESCENT HOME!” So call your grandparents and be ready…this night will not be pretty!

World Record Wednesday! Pumpkin drop? LOL!!!!

That’s right kids…you’re favorite day of the week is here! World Record Wednesday! With Halloween on Friday we decided (actually, I decided and Tommy is really excited about it which is strange) that we would set the record for, The Highest Pumpkin Drop on a HUMAN! We have an average sized pumpkin (22.5 lbs), a ladder and Tommy laying on the ground!!

Click on the pumpkin to watch the video!!!

World Record Wednesday!!!

Yes, nowadays Word Records are absolutely INSANE! There are SOOO many! So, starting tonight…every Wednesday, Tommy G from the Up All Night Show will try to set or break a different World Record.

Tonight, he will attempt to break the record for the most CLOTHES PINS ATTACHED TO HIS FACE AT ONCE!!

Will he break the record of 36? Or will be end up in the Emergency Room again? Tune in at 8pm as history begins…




Also, make sure you check out the video of Tommy G being tackled by the girls of Elk Grove at the Powder Puff game by clicking HERE!!