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Jon Gosslin’s NEW Reality Show

So Jon Gosslin inked his own reality show and they still haven’t come up with a name for it. I figured we’d open it up to listeners to help us come up with one. Phone lines went nuts, Twitter blew up, and check some of the titles from my facebook page…lol

 We’re also getting closer to the kick off our resident alcoholic’s Tommy G’s transformation. Tommy has set a goal to lose 100lbs in 1 year. His first goal however, is to lose 50lbs by New Year’s. Btw Ladies, we’re currently acception applications to make out with Tommy on stage on NYE as a form of motivation for him to lose the weight. Tommy is a great friend and I encourage you to follow his life-changing quest at www.TheNEWTommyG.blogspot.com :)

Your DREAM sextape/Twitter Tuesday/Nick Cannon comeback

All this talk about the threesome sextape (see my post below) who would you LOVE to see in a sextape?

Also, it’s twitter Tuesday which means we got tickets for you to the State Fair to check out David Cook in concert this Friday night! Listen for when to tweet us to win:)


Also, check out Nick Cannon’s comeback (diss record) to Eminem. Or is it really NIck? Doesn’t sound like him to me…

Michael Jackson Passes Away At Age 50 :(

For  all the news click HERE!

To download a FREE tribute mix to Michael Jackson mixed by the great Scotty Fox, click HERE! follow Scotty on Twitter @djscottyfox

and make sure you follow me on twitter for all the updates as we receive them. Twitter.com/joebreezyonair





So now its the weekend, and it everything has definitely sunk in. There are different components of his life that are tough to ignore. The allegations of molestation and the musical genius he contributed. I try to stay on the positive because let’s face it, myself nor you know the truth behind the allegations. As silly as this sounds, I never thought MJ would die. Not that I though he would live forever, but I just really never thought of him dying. I was hoping my kids (assuming I have some) would be around to see him make another comeback. I also realized that the absolute pinnacle of  “coolness” is Michael Jackson. Okay, maybe in 10 years Kanye, JT, etc might have that kind of influence however, at the end of the day, they’re just wannabe MJ’s anyway. So now what? Who’s going to takeover?…I guess time will tell.

Pissed Off/Club Nicknames/Win Free Stuff:)

 Pissed Off At Work On A Friday????

Getting ready to hit Barcode this weekend? or maybe some other spots? Ladies, I’m onto you…(hopefully if you let me..what:) I know that sometimes you and your girls come up with “club names”. You know, where you have your fake names you tell douchey guys..or maybe just for some fantasy/role playing but that’s a different conversation.

Tonight, we’re going to find out the nicknames you use and why! Is it something simple like Leslie, Monica? Or something more complex like Destiny, Essence? Maybe its just a noise like a moan or grunt…(which could be hot;)

Either way…keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll talk to you tonight! Of course I’ll have that guestlist to party with me V.I.P style at Barcode this Saturday night. Actually, if you wanna roll…hit me for the hooks at joebreezy@endonline.com


Not that I was googling “how to cheat and not get caught” or anything, but I found THIS article. My theory is that MOST people cheat and MOST people have been cheated on. I admit it..I have cheated and been cheated on. You?


Also, I got 4 extra passes to Raging Waters that I wanna give you. Listen for the “Secret Song Of The Night” which is Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas and it will play at 9:18pm. When you hear it, be caller 17 and you win:)

Eminem in Detroit/Rich Men Better In Bed?

All this week we are giving you a chance to see Eminem in Detroit at his private CD release party. HOWEVER, the ONLY way to win tonight is to listen for the “Secret Song Of The Night” which is Just Dance by Lady Gaga. It will play between 8pm and 9pm. When you hear it, be caller 107 and you’re one step closer to packing your bags. Grand prize drawing is Friday at 7pm w/ yours truly:)




So I came across THIS article. Basically, it explains how RICH MEN ARE BETTER IN BED!!!! It goes on to say that for many females, money, status and success remain a key ingredient in sexual attraction. Is this true? Have you ever been railed by a rich dude and it was off the hook? Ladies, (or some men:) let me know!




-Joe Breezy

Countdown to Endfest!

soooo how stoked am I? answer: VERY! It’s my first Endfest and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to meet all you listeners and see Lady Gaga, Flo-Rida, AAR, 3OH!3 and White Tie Affair perform. So figured we’d have some fun giving away tickets tonight with some old school “Mad Libs”…here was the final product which you helped me with: (YES, I still think 10-year old humor is funny:)

This Sunday, May 10, almost 10,000 NACHOS will pile into Raley Field for Endfest 2009. Of course The All American Rejects will be performing and playing their musical TATER TOTS. I’m also sure they’ll be checking out the crowd to see if they can DANCE BALLET with some lucky fans. Lady Gaga will be SWALLOWING her crazy clothes while Flo-Rida will be working out backstage with his giant ORANGES. 3OH!3 never trusts PILGRIMS so make sure you see if White Tie Affair can sing to you with their large BANANAS! If you want tickets, be caller 107 right now at 766-1079 and bring your HAIRY KANGAROOS and we’ll EAT you Sunday at Endfest!

Britney’s P**** Fell out?

okay, now tons and tons of you are going to Dan Mason’s Blog HERE to see the video and hear the audio of Britney Spears saying, “My P**** fell out!” while she was performing. Well guess what Mr. Boss Mason? I have the ACTUAL VIDEO OF HER P**** FALLING OUT! Don’t doubt the Breez-a-nator!! (did I seriously just give myself a nickname for a nickname? YES! Cause I CAN:)

Ohh ya..the video..check out!

..and if that isn’t enough for you..during some day drinking over the weekend with some friends, I noticed some of the girls having some fun male bashing. That’s usually when I order my 13th beer and get the hell out, however it was pretty entertaining. They were playing,

“Your EX in 3 words or Less!” ..So ladies, its all you..and may the most creative win Sierra At Tahoe lift tickets! Good Luck!

Fallout Boy at YOUR School!


Alright, so we’ve been talking about it for almost a week now and an obvious thanks to the schools that are collecting donations HOWEVER; its time for us ALL to kick this thing into high gear! Click on the picture above for more info..

AND…I wanna see some schools talk some crap! I’ve been getting TONS of texts, emails, and calls saying, “my school is sooo much better than yours…our school is going to win without a doubt”…leave YOUR thoughts below!

Meet Flo Rida/Miley Cyrus/Crotch Cam #1

So my twin brother Flo Rida will be hanging out in the studio this Wednesday night and I want YOU to hang out with us as well. Listen up for “Right Round” by Flo between the hours of 7pm, 10pm and 11pm and be the 107th person to email me at joebreezy@endonline.com and you win!

Plus for our e-club members click HERE to meet Flo!!!

I’ve also noticed that everyone around the station insists on staring at my crotch. Strange? YES! Especially since I’m not staring in Anaconda 3 anytime soon:) Victims #1 and 2? Gavin and Kelly from the Wake Up Call.

Miley Cyrus was on the show tonight. We talked to here right before she jumped on stage with Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s. Click HERE to check out the interview!

Cool or NOT Cool? Your Man Having Dinner with your Best Friend!

I was talking to my boy the other night and he was saying that he and his girlfriends best friend are going to dinner. To his defense, he’s a good dude and I would trust him with my girlfriend, however; I definitely think its weird. I asked around my place of work (the gym…what?) j/k…anyways, I asked around the station and it seems to be more common than I thought. So I figured I’d ask you…

Cool or NOT Cool? Your Man Having Dinner with your Best Friend!!


Plus, Christine from Sacramento returns for the 4th week in a row as, “Sacramento’s Fastest Texter”…can you beat her? At 8:30pm…your chance arrives!