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Look good in the cold!! :)

It’s cold! How can you ladies still look cute out there?                            

Seriously it’s hella cold right now!! I’m not use to this kind of cold so I’m trying to come up with different ways for you ladies to stay warm while also looking cute at the same time. A girl’s always gotta keep the cuteness factor! lol. So here are a few items I think every girl should have during the cold weather that will help her stay warm but look cute at the same time!

1. UGGs

I know most dudes don’t dig em, but I love them! Most of my girlfriends who own a pair love them too! They’re soooo comfortable, seriously ladies if you haven’t tried them you should! You can wear them with skinny jeans tucked in to them.  
TIP: You might want to try to wear longer socks under these. Some girls hadvethem scratch up the back of their heel a few times when you wear short socks. but no biggie, they’re still super comfy.


Ok, So the great thing about scarves is there are soo many different styles and so many ways you can wear them. Luckily for u, scarves have been a IN for a little bit now. So grab one in every color and have fun with them. TIP: If you get the super light ones you could rock it even when after the cold weather is gone just to add some color to your outfit.


3. Leg Wear

These are my fav’s!!! So whether you go with leggings or full on nylons you can’t go wrong! Both are in right now! You always see celebs running around in leggings. My girlfriends love wearing leggings so much better than wearing jeans. TIP: You can wear them casually with a pair of Uggs and a long sweater or you can dress them up by wearing them under a dress paired with some heels.

4. Cute hats!

So I’m not big on the hats, but I  know some hot girls that do own a few.They come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day (which happens a lot during the winter with rain, wind, cold…not sexy). There’s different types so try a bunch on and see what works best on you. There’s something for everyone. TIP: Get a couple in bright colors and use them as your accent color to spice up a plain outfit.


YES! You’re friends are correct, we are doing 200 SONGS IN A ROW EVERY TUESDAY WITHOUT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL AND commercial free hours ALL WEEK LONG!!! Think about it, you can drive to LA and back and still not hear a commercial. You can fly to Paris and not hear a single commercial. You can have pre-marital sex w/ me twice and not hea..err, what?



Phone Sex for Beginners-Is it going to be a while before you see your man again? Or maybe you want to give him a “taste” of what’s to come tonight when you get off work and put the kids to bed…Click HERE!

12 Relationship Red Flags-Is he the one? Well, maybe we can help..HERE!

Sextape Training Video Vol 2-The ART of Role Playing..

How YOU can make a sextape!

and for those who haven’t seen Vol 1:

Special thanks to Taylor our Executive Producer, Just Matt our choreographer and sex consultant, Tommy G our prop coordinator and YOU the 3 listeners that want to see this…lol

MJ Services/Twitter Tuesday

Today was the day of Michael Jackson’s services. Of course it took place in LA at the Staples Center. Greats like Mariah Carey, Lionel Richie, Smokey Robinson, Usher, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant etc were all in attendance. I watched most of it..and was impressed by most it. To me the most REAL moment was when his daughter Paris spoke. “My daddy was the best daddy ever and I love him so much”. Everything else seemed like a show to me..but that was pure humanity at its best/worse. Like I said, just my opinion. What are your thoughts?



Its also, “Twitter Tuesday” inside the Up All Night Show. Which means..I have 1 question for you…”What are you doing while listening to us” as simple as it seems, some of you are doing the most random, entertaining things while listening to the radio…I love it. That goes down at 8:30pm. Of course the, “Text 10 at 10” goes down and will Taylor Swift be dethroned as the holder of the #1 spot? Well, that’s up to you!! What’s your favorite song? Text me and let me know..51909.


-Joe Breezy


Mosquito Free 4th Of July??? YUP:)

I noticed for the past couple of months our engineers have been walking around with their pocket protectors and thick glasses using words with big syllables (as they should). They’ve also mentioned how our frequency this Holiday weekend is broadcasting “mosquito free”. I guess its an “ultra-sonic signal that is digitally encoded and is inaudible to humans and repels mosquitos”. What does that mean? When you keep us on this 4th of July, you will party Mosquito-Free! So at the barbecues, watching fireworks, hanging in the backyard by the pool etc..we got your back!!

Dude! Kevn Jonas!

yup..its true! Kevin Jonas is engaged. Kevin’s parents released this statement, “

His parents, Kevin Sr. and Denise Jonas, just released the following statement: “Our hearts are filled with joy today and we are happy to share with you that our son Kevin has asked Danielle Deleasa for her hand in marriage. Her answer was yes and it is such a blessing that she will be joining our family. Kevin and Danielle have not yet set a date. Family is very dear to us and we hope we have raised Kevin to be a wonderful man and husband. Please join us in our families celebration and in congratulating Kevin and Danielle. Thank you for all of your support. “

How very nice of the recession proof couple to get engaged:)


Now on to more important things..ME…what? ya, I’ve been feeling under the weather lately which is not vibey. Especially since I just started a new workout routine with a new workout partner (that doesn’t sound straight..and neither does that fact that he is a former male stripper and bodybuilder champion and has his tongue pierced)..so ya, my point..umm..ohh ya, I’m trying to get buff but its tough when you’re lying in bed and sweating like a hooker in church because your temperature has risen to the point where Satan would want a popsicle…just sayin. ya…i’ll keep you posted cause i’m SURE you all want to know what’s going on with that :) Later

Keep Him or DUMP Him?

So I got this email over the weekend…

Hey Joe Breezy,

My name is Rosanna, I listen to your show everynight and I was wondering if you can ask your listeners for some advice on my behalf? I’ve been with my boyfriend Jesse for about 2 years now and we’re considering marriage. However; I just found out he has a best girlfriend that he cuddles with from time to time. He says they’re just really close and have never crossed the line. I believe him but its still hard to deal with. Is this normal for him to do that or am I just being naïve?

Ladies, this is all YOU! Would it be okay for your man to cuddle with one of his best girlfriends? Or do you have a guy friend that you cuddle with and it’s harmless? 766-1079 or leave your thoughts below….

K-Fed NEW song?!?!

Okay, before you take a listen..I’d like to go on record to say that this is VERY disturbing! is he serious?…I’m EXTREMELY confused…

leave your thoughts below…

Kevin Federline-Grape Soda

click HERE to listen!

Me in my underwear at Jingle Ball

For some sick and twisted reason, I’ve been getting alot of calls and text from people who wanna see the video! Enjoy before you vomit

Let it ROCK!!!

In spirit of Kevin Rudolf (he’s the white dude that sings, “Let It Rock feat. Lil Wayne) performing tonight at Empire. We are going to see if Tommy G can Let It Rock!!

What does that mean? well, we are going give him Viagra and suit him up in some small tighty whitey briefs to see if he can bust through them. Listen for Tommy to, “Let it Rock” and when he does, be caller 20 to win tickets to check out Kevin Rudolf tonight!!