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YES! You’re friends are correct, we are doing 200 SONGS IN A ROW EVERY TUESDAY WITHOUT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL AND commercial free hours ALL WEEK LONG!!! Think about it, you can drive to LA and back and still not hear a commercial. You can fly to Paris and not hear a single commercial. You can have pre-marital sex w/ me twice and not hea..err, what?



Phone Sex for Beginners-Is it going to be a while before you see your man again? Or maybe you want to give him a “taste” of what’s to come tonight when you get off work and put the kids to bed…Click HERE!

12 Relationship Red Flags-Is he the one? Well, maybe we can help..HERE!

FML Fridays!

Ever get pissed off? (its better to be pissed off then pissed o…err, I mean..what?) Things not go our way sometimes? To the point where you want to scream F**k MY LIFE!!!! Well, now is your chance! Starting tonight at 7pm, its officially “FML Fridays” on The Up All Night Show! Give me a call at 766-1079 and tell me what pissed you off this week, then at the top of your lungs yell, “FML!!!!!” I’m pretty sure you’ll feel alot better after :)

Humpday/Cheating/Ticket Tag

Happy Humpage everyone! It’s Wednesday which means you round up because its the middle of the week, which makes us closer to Thursday which is pretty much Friday..therefore, The Weekend is HERE!!! LOL.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. Kinda chill. Went to the gym (for some reason I insist on putting Nick Lachey on my ipod when I workout my biceps so I can look in the mirror and pretend I was him….what?) btw, what about me having a pic of a shirtless dude on my blog right now…not vibey..

Tomorrow is “Ticket Tag” which means all you have to do is remember the winners’ name of the previous hour, then you win. Every hour all day starting at 8am with The Wake Up Call. On the line: tickets to see Daughtry in concert along with your shot at the grand prize which is Meet And Greet passes!! Tonight we’re going to talk about, “How To Cheat and NOT get caught” 😉 so you ladies can learn how to either catch your man, or keep your game tight! for some “informational reading..click HERE! Talk to you tonight at 7pm!!

Twitter Tuesday/9 Things To Say During A Fight!



If you’re not aware, Miley Cyrus did a POLE DANCE routine last night on the Teen Choice Awards. Tweeting about this earlier today, I met a woman who signed her 16 year-old daughter up last week for pole dancing lessons. Apparently, her daughter is overweight and this is the only form of excercise she seems to respond to. Did she take it too far? Or does the fact that it’s for “her health” give her a pass? Thoughts? We’re going to talk to the mom and daughter tonight.


Every Tuesday you tell us what you’re doing while listening to the radio. It always amazes me what our listeners (you:) are doing while listening. Waiting for your boyfriend to call while you turn into stalker-azzi and are going through his every picture on facebook. Picking up your kids from swim practice. Driving your award-winning pig to the State Fair..hehe, those have all been your “tweets” for Twitter Tuesday. So get ready to stop what your doing, look around and call me at 766-1079! (Psst..we’re going commercial free for an entire hour at 7:35pm so text your friends and let them know we hate commercials as much as you;)

Also, I found THIS article quite interesting. 9 Things To Say During A Fight!

G.I. Joe Sheets?

I get this call from a listener (Angela from Sac) and she wants some advice. Uhh ohhh…I try to stay out of that because my personaly opinion usually results in warrants and frankly, not really sure the company wants you to think that my opinion reflects that of the radio station. (smart company:)

She then goes on to say, she’s been dating this guy for about a month or so..they’ve gone on about 5 or 6 dates. She finally gets back to his place..and what does she see? G.I. Joe BED SHEETS!! WTF? I guess he’s 28 years old. He’s established, has his own career but insists on having sheets that should probably belong to an 8 year-old.

What do you think? Is this a red flag? or not a big deal? hahaha 766-1079

5 Ways To Make Him Miss You

Usually on Friday’s its all about the single life, promiscuity, clubs, random ass…err, I mean love from listeners. However, the boss asked me to tone it down and be more “sensitive.” So while I grab a trash can and puke, you can read THIS article.

PSA:Hickeys-How To Get Rid Of Them?

How Do We Get Rid Of Hickeys????

 sooooo ya…sometimes I feel like I work w/ middle schoolers. Not to diss anyone, but Marina Cakes (one of our interns from the Street Beat) showed up to work with a HICKEY! WTF?!?! So it is MY duty to ask YOU for help? How do we get rid of it? Call us and let us know 766-1079 or text in your thoughts at 51909.  We’re just trying to help you..so when you’re out at Barcode this weekend, things get hot and heavy, you’ll know what is the best method so your BF doesn’t find out:)…like I said, just doing my duty..

and we got Tiesto tickets. Yes, the World’s #1 DJ is coming to Sac on Saturday night. To win your tix, listen for the “Secret Song Of The Night” which is “Lady Gaga, Just Dance” and it will play at 9:05pm . When you hear it be caller 17 at 766-1079 and you win! (18+ for this event:)

Pissed Off/Club Nicknames/Win Free Stuff:)

 Pissed Off At Work On A Friday????

Getting ready to hit Barcode this weekend? or maybe some other spots? Ladies, I’m onto you…(hopefully if you let me..what:) I know that sometimes you and your girls come up with “club names”. You know, where you have your fake names you tell douchey guys..or maybe just for some fantasy/role playing but that’s a different conversation.

Tonight, we’re going to find out the nicknames you use and why! Is it something simple like Leslie, Monica? Or something more complex like Destiny, Essence? Maybe its just a noise like a moan or grunt…(which could be hot;)

Either way…keep doing what you’re doing and we’ll talk to you tonight! Of course I’ll have that guestlist to party with me V.I.P style at Barcode this Saturday night. Actually, if you wanna roll…hit me for the hooks at joebreezy@endonline.com


Not that I was googling “how to cheat and not get caught” or anything, but I found THIS article. My theory is that MOST people cheat and MOST people have been cheated on. I admit it..I have cheated and been cheated on. You?


Also, I got 4 extra passes to Raging Waters that I wanna give you. Listen for the “Secret Song Of The Night” which is Boom Boom Pow by The Black Eyed Peas and it will play at 9:18pm. When you hear it, be caller 17 and you win:)

Eminem in Detroit/Rich Men Better In Bed?

All this week we are giving you a chance to see Eminem in Detroit at his private CD release party. HOWEVER, the ONLY way to win tonight is to listen for the “Secret Song Of The Night” which is Just Dance by Lady Gaga. It will play between 8pm and 9pm. When you hear it, be caller 107 and you’re one step closer to packing your bags. Grand prize drawing is Friday at 7pm w/ yours truly:)




So I came across THIS article. Basically, it explains how RICH MEN ARE BETTER IN BED!!!! It goes on to say that for many females, money, status and success remain a key ingredient in sexual attraction. Is this true? Have you ever been railed by a rich dude and it was off the hook? Ladies, (or some men:) let me know!




-Joe Breezy

Countdown to Endfest!

soooo how stoked am I? answer: VERY! It’s my first Endfest and I can’t wait! I can’t wait to meet all you listeners and see Lady Gaga, Flo-Rida, AAR, 3OH!3 and White Tie Affair perform. So figured we’d have some fun giving away tickets tonight with some old school “Mad Libs”…here was the final product which you helped me with: (YES, I still think 10-year old humor is funny:)

This Sunday, May 10, almost 10,000 NACHOS will pile into Raley Field for Endfest 2009. Of course The All American Rejects will be performing and playing their musical TATER TOTS. I’m also sure they’ll be checking out the crowd to see if they can DANCE BALLET with some lucky fans. Lady Gaga will be SWALLOWING her crazy clothes while Flo-Rida will be working out backstage with his giant ORANGES. 3OH!3 never trusts PILGRIMS so make sure you see if White Tie Affair can sing to you with their large BANANAS! If you want tickets, be caller 107 right now at 766-1079 and bring your HAIRY KANGAROOS and we’ll EAT you Sunday at Endfest!