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Keep Him or Dump Him? My man hates how close I am with my gay friend…

Got this email late last night….

Dear Joe Breezy,

 I’ve noticed that your listeners are asking for advice and I wanted to do the same. You see, I’ve been dating my fiancé Jason for about 2 years now and everything is great until recently. I have this male friend who is gay and he and I have been hanging out a lot lately and Steve thinks it’s getting out of hand. He doesn’t mind him and I spending time but he feels uncomfortable because my gay friend and I are always hugging, kissing each other on the cheek when we say hi and bye.  My fiancé knows he’s gay however; it still makes him feel uncomfortable to see a guy touch me so often.  I just like to have a goodtime and I think it’s harmless…what do you think?


Lauren from Elk Grove

Well…what DO you think???

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Keep Him OR DUMP Him? my bf’s friend is a player…

So I was talking to one my good friends Lisa last night on the phone and she was saying that her boyfriend (they’ve been together for 2 years and are very happy), his best friend is moving back to the area. She then told me that her bf’s friend is a total man-whore and she doesn’t want him to hang out his buddy! She says she trusts him..she just doesn’t his friend…what do YOU think?

Keep Him OR DUMP Him?

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