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Going through your BF’s cell phone..Cool or NOT Cool?

Soooo, the rumors of Rihanna’s alleged beatdown by Chris Brown continue to swirl with talks of her going through his cell phone. Supposedly, that’s what started the argument. That brings me to a simple question..

“Going through your BF’s cell phone..Cool or NOT Cool? Obviously, its easy to say that it’s NOT cool, without trust, there’s nothing there, etc..blah blah. BUT, if there is nothing to hide and maybe you’re a little insecure (which totally happens) then why not let your significant other go through your phone if that makes the person feel alot better?

Thoughts? 766-1079

Not to say that you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the photos of Rihanna after the alleged beatdown Chris Brown gave her..but just in they are: The photo is BEFORE the maximum swelling occurred. CRAZY huh? It still trips me out what (supposedly) happened.

Also, been getting alot of calls to hear THIS Do Not Date List…check it here!

Super Bowl Commericals/Pocket Dialing

Aside from the sweaty men running around in tight pants, one of the few reasons you ladies probably watched the Super Bowl is for the commercials!

Click HERE to watch them again!


Also, I was at lunch with a friend of mine last week and he accidentally “pocket dialed” one his friends. Aside from the innocent individual on the other end being subjected into hearing the waiters request to toss our salad, he told me a story about a friend of his who “pocket dialed” his wife WHILE HE WAS RAILING ANOTHER WOMAN!!

So my question to you is,…What’s the strangest, craziest, or most intrusive thing you’ve heard or had someone hear while you pocket dialed?

766-1079 or text me at 51909

Want to win free lift tickets to Northstar at Tahoe? The secret song of the night is T.I/Rihanna, “Live Your Life” when you hear it, callers 20 and 21 at 766-1079 win! shhh..its a secret though, so don’t tell anyone:)

I Get Tasered In The ASS? HUH?

so..Tommy G’s mom left him this voicemail which expressed her concern for Tommy and how she doesn’t want him to get tasered. That was enough for me to NOT let him do it.

HOWEVER, someone had to get tasered!

750,000 Volts of electricity through my ass!!

Thank you to Ron from Right Choice Security, Nurse Staci for being on standby and for all the texts, calls, and emails of support! Lol..check out the video…if you dare:)

Tasering Tommy G’s Ass!!! WTF?

PhotobucketPhotobucketSo after a couple alcohol beverages,(..or several:) for some odd reason Tommy G and I thought it would be a brilliant idea to TASER Tommy’s ass!!! We are going set the record for, “The World’s First Intentional ASS TASERING!” Haha, Call me with your thoughts, questions, and of course concerns…

Wed @ 8:30pm…the ass hairs becomes singed!!! Check back to watch the video and listen to the hilarious audio!

and in order to get ready…we decided to WAX HIS ASS!!! (courtesy of Jenneane’s On J)


UFO? YOU be the judge!!

Tonight we got HUNDREDS of calls from people who say they saw a UFO in the sky in and around Folsom, Roseville and Citrus Heights! Others are saying it’s a blimp, plane..etc

YOU be the Judge! (its the little green light to the left of the building. Click on the pic for a larger version)
(Thanks to Tracy for being the first person to take a picture and send it to me…Jingle Ball Tickets are yours!!:)

Also, Justin sent this…

Driving with his KNEES?!?!?!

I was reading a recent study..duhh!…and it turns out that 71% of drivers in California (although it is NOT safe) DRIVE WITH THEIR KNEES! Tommy G is INSISTING that he is good at it. So me, being the pillar of the community, I’m going to prove to you why is isn’t safe!!

Tonight he will attempt to MAKE A U-TURN with his knees!! ohh ya..he doesn’t know this yet, but we’re are going to make sure he’s not cheating by DUCT TAPING his arms behind his back! LOL!! uhh..ohh..have 911 saved at the top of your recent calls, cause this will get ugly!!


It’s Friday!! whoo hooo!! Let’s give away some Jingle Ball tickets!!

The secret song is……I KISSED A GIRL BY KATY PERRY. IT WILL PLAY BETWEEN 9PM-10PM!! when you hear caller 107 to win Jingle BAll Tickets!!!

Man Crying On The FIRST Date!!!! WTF?!?!

A loyal listener named Katie called and said that she was just coming back from the WORST date ever! I asked why it was so bad..she then began to tell me how her date CRIED at the movies. Okay I get it, guys are sensitve too..I mean, I cried watching Rudy for the first time…she then corrected me and said, “no…you don’t understand! This was our FIRST DATE!!!” I began to tell this story to some chicks at the club…(after I was extracting information about music and station info for boss of course;) and i was VERY surprised at how many women said that it’s sexy and shows conifidence…

This brings me to Monday nights topic..


Text the word COOL or NOT COOL to 51909 and listen for the results as we unravel another “COOL OR NOT COOL” on The Up All Night Show!

Or leave a comment and voice your opinion below!

ALSO: The SECRET SONG of the night is Hot And Cold by Katy Perry and it will be play between 9pm and 10pm . When you hear it, be caller 107 at 766-1079 and you win Jingle Ball 2008 tickets BEFORE they even go on sale!! SHHH..don’t tell anyone though:)

Is the past the PAST?

Your Thoughts????…I received this email from a listener over the weekend…

Dear Joe Breezy,

I’ve been going out with this girl named Angela for the past 2 ½ months. Everything has been going great until recently I heard that in High school she was VERY promiscuous. I did some more research and found out that it IS true. She’s 24 now, great looking and I understand everyone has a past however; I can’t seem to get it out of my mind. How important is her past? We really like each other a lot..I just don’t want to be the joke that fell in the love with the High School slut…what do you think I should do?

Sean from Roseville


Dear Sean:

We’ll see what listeners think about your situation. Kinda sucks that she’s hot too bro ’cause it takes longer to get over good looking people..

-Joe Breezy