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Pitbull Attack







Okay, I’m sure by the title of this blog you’re already calling B.S. I mean you hear about people getting attacked by pitbulls but not too many people actuallly know someone who has been attacked. Well, as of Wednesday this week, it happened to me.

I agreed to watch my friend’s dog over the weekend and we decided it would be best to meet the dog first with my friend. So we walk in his apartment, he was obviously excited and I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Although, I did have a bad feeling. Matt (my friend, the owner of the dog who is a Pit/Boxer and 75lbs) decided to take Tyson (the dog) for a walk. All was good, we returned, nothing too out of the ordinary. Than I was instructed to pet him, so I did. I pet him, he licked me and when I went to stand back up, he jumped up and bit my face knocking my tooth out instantly. Needless to say it was pure chaos after that. Blood everwhere, I’m freaking out, Matt is freaking out, the dog still running around. Matt grabbed Tyson and safely put him in the other room away from the blood and us. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized he took a bite out of my face.

Here I am 48 hours later, a trip the ER and emergency dental work (thanks for Dr. Ronald Rasi) and couldn’t feel more lucky. What if Tyson would’ve locked his jaw? What if he would’ve ripped my lip completely off? What if I wasn’t lucky enough to have Dr. Rasi see me the next morning before the rest of his clients and on the phone with me within 20 minutes of the incident. (That  REALLY put me at ease) I’m not really trippin off scars…that’s not a big deal to me.

I feel bad that Matt feels so bad. I know it wasn’t his fault, it was a freak accident. Needless to say, if he would’ve thought this was even a possibility, he wouldn’t have invited me over in the first place. If it was a strangers dog it would be alot easier, it’s just the dynamics of it all. I love dogs, feel bad for the dog, feel bad for myself, feel bad for my friend who feels bad and we’re now faced w/ medical bills..and NO ONE wanted this…

Makes you realize how lucky/unlucky you can be and in the split of a second, your life can be altered.

Be safe this weekend and no kissing dogs hard on the mouth…unless you’re doing some serious dog spooning, which is always nice:)

P.S. Check back for updates on my progress as I continue to work with Dr. Rasi on getting a perfect smile:) ((((GRIN))))

Sweet or PSYCHO?!?!/Sex Tape Training Video Vol 2

Saw an interesting tweet today from one of our listeners who received a dozen roses from a man delivered to her work the day after their FIRST DATE! Some may call this sweet..others may call it PSYCHO! Ladies, something ever creep you out even though his intention was to be sweet? Another friend of mine said that a gentlemen emailed her to ask her out on a lunch date and included some pictures of his daughter. I can see how he is “proud” which is admirable however, I can also see the psycho side of that…

I’m sure you’ve been DYING for another video..I mean, how many times can you watch the first one, right? lol “Joe Breezy’s Sex Tape Training Video Vol. 2 is being filmed late next week. Did someone say, “pizza delivery boy rips off his clothes when extra sausage is ordered?” details coming soon….







Speaking of sex tape? what’s up with Rebecca Gayheart (Noxema chick), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy dude) and Kari Ann Peniche (former Miss Teen USA turned Playmate then kicked off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab for sex addiction) releasing a sex tape?!?!! God Bless their hearts!..uhh and their other..uhh body parts;)

Twitter Tuesday/9 Things To Say During A Fight!



If you’re not aware, Miley Cyrus did a POLE DANCE routine last night on the Teen Choice Awards. Tweeting about this earlier today, I met a woman who signed her 16 year-old daughter up last week for pole dancing lessons. Apparently, her daughter is overweight and this is the only form of excercise she seems to respond to. Did she take it too far? Or does the fact that it’s for “her health” give her a pass? Thoughts? We’re going to talk to the mom and daughter tonight.


Every Tuesday you tell us what you’re doing while listening to the radio. It always amazes me what our listeners (you:) are doing while listening. Waiting for your boyfriend to call while you turn into stalker-azzi and are going through his every picture on facebook. Picking up your kids from swim practice. Driving your award-winning pig to the State Fair..hehe, those have all been your “tweets” for Twitter Tuesday. So get ready to stop what your doing, look around and call me at 766-1079! (Psst..we’re going commercial free for an entire hour at 7:35pm so text your friends and let them know we hate commercials as much as you;)

Also, I found THIS article quite interesting. 9 Things To Say During A Fight!

Bad Breakups/Twitter Tuesday

Over the weekend we all learned that Jessica Simpson’s boyfriend, Tony Romo broke up with her the day BEFORE her Birthday. (Translation: he didn’t want to buy her a present) I wasn’t too surprised when this sparked a conversation around the office about how tasteless and douchey guys can be when it comes to break ups. Uhhh expect for me;) So ladies, What is the most tasteless and most cowardly way a man has broken up with you? Me, I broke up with a girl over the phone on my way to another chick’s house…her cousin’s house!!!!!!! I was young and stupid. (last year:)

Michael Jackson Passes Away At Age 50 :(

For  all the news click HERE!

To download a FREE tribute mix to Michael Jackson mixed by the great Scotty Fox, click HERE! follow Scotty on Twitter @djscottyfox

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So now its the weekend, and it everything has definitely sunk in. There are different components of his life that are tough to ignore. The allegations of molestation and the musical genius he contributed. I try to stay on the positive because let’s face it, myself nor you know the truth behind the allegations. As silly as this sounds, I never thought MJ would die. Not that I though he would live forever, but I just really never thought of him dying. I was hoping my kids (assuming I have some) would be around to see him make another comeback. I also realized that the absolute pinnacle of  “coolness” is Michael Jackson. Okay, maybe in 10 years Kanye, JT, etc might have that kind of influence however, at the end of the day, they’re just wannabe MJ’s anyway. So now what? Who’s going to takeover?…I guess time will tell.

Perez VS. Will.I.Am

So I’m sure by now you heard how Perez HIlton called Black Eyed Peas member Will.I.Am a “f**king f*ggot.” Then Will’s manager allegedly struck Perez in the face.

Now you can see the video HERE!



Did Perez deserve it or did Will.I.Am cross the line?  Are you down with Team Perez or Team Will.I.Am?

Tonight we’re going to fill up the teams and have at it with our own “Up All Night Show Boxing Match!” Should be interesting…lol

PLUS, a ton of celebrities are saying that Perez deserved it. In fact, there’s a whole website dedicated to it..check it out HERE!

Alright, now Will.I.Am just released ANOTHER statement..minutes ago. Check it HERE!

Miss Text’d????

I can’t believe what I did today!!!!!! So I went to text “Babe” in my phone book…but accidentally text Baby Bash. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal EXCEPT for the part where I said “Miss you, my life hasn’t been the same without you..wish we could just hold each other tonight”! WTF?!?!?! I realized it when Bash hit me back..so of course I apologized and he said “haha no doubt nephew”..lol. Btw, Bash is gonna call in tonight to talk about how extemely awkward and non-straight it was to receive a text like that from me…haha FML…


Have you ever Miss Text’d??? 

Please say I’m not the only idiot who’s been mortified by this!! 766-1079 or text me (correctly:) at 51909

Endfest Recap/Cheating Drama

So needless to say Endfest 2009 was OFF THE HOOK!!!! A HUGE thank you is in store to YOU the listeners and fans that came out to Raley Field. Here are some of pics and videos from the show.

Also, when I came into the station today, I got this email:

Joe Breezy I NEED your help! I met this guy about 3 weeks ago in Midtown at a bar and we totally hit it off. He mentioned he had a gf but it didn’t bother me at the time. That night we hooked up. We ended up sleeping together a couple more times since then and he said he was hopefully going to break-up with his gf soon. Well, I saw them at Endfest together and it crushed me. Now I feel like I need to tell her if he doesn’t break-up with her. Obviously I’m embarassed, however reality hit and I truly feel bad. Am I wrong for telling her or am I doing the right thing?

We’re going to talk to “Amy from Folsom” tonight and see if we can help her out:)

Thoughts? 766-1079 or text me at 51909

Britney’s P**** Fell out?

okay, now tons and tons of you are going to Dan Mason’s Blog HERE to see the video and hear the audio of Britney Spears saying, “My P**** fell out!” while she was performing. Well guess what Mr. Boss Mason? I have the ACTUAL VIDEO OF HER P**** FALLING OUT! Don’t doubt the Breez-a-nator!! (did I seriously just give myself a nickname for a nickname? YES! Cause I CAN:)

Ohh ya..the video..check out!

..and if that isn’t enough for you..during some day drinking over the weekend with some friends, I noticed some of the girls having some fun male bashing. That’s usually when I order my 13th beer and get the hell out, however it was pretty entertaining. They were playing,

“Your EX in 3 words or Less!” ..So ladies, its all you..and may the most creative win Sierra At Tahoe lift tickets! Good Luck!

Fallout Boy at YOUR School!


Alright, so we’ve been talking about it for almost a week now and an obvious thanks to the schools that are collecting donations HOWEVER; its time for us ALL to kick this thing into high gear! Click on the picture above for more info..

AND…I wanna see some schools talk some crap! I’ve been getting TONS of texts, emails, and calls saying, “my school is sooo much better than yours…our school is going to win without a doubt”…leave YOUR thoughts below!