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G.I. Joe Sheets?

I get this call from a listener (Angela from Sac) and she wants some advice. Uhh ohhh…I try to stay out of that because my personaly opinion usually results in warrants and frankly, not really sure the company wants you to think that my opinion reflects that of the radio station. (smart company:)

She then goes on to say, she’s been dating this guy for about a month or so..they’ve gone on about 5 or 6 dates. She finally gets back to his place..and what does she see? G.I. Joe BED SHEETS!! WTF? I guess he’s 28 years old. He’s established, has his own career but insists on having sheets that should probably belong to an 8 year-old.

What do you think? Is this a red flag? or not a big deal? hahaha 766-1079

Going through your BF’s cell phone..Cool or NOT Cool?

Soooo, the rumors of Rihanna’s alleged beatdown by Chris Brown continue to swirl with talks of her going through his cell phone. Supposedly, that’s what started the argument. That brings me to a simple question..

“Going through your BF’s cell phone..Cool or NOT Cool? Obviously, its easy to say that it’s NOT cool, without trust, there’s nothing there, etc..blah blah. BUT, if there is nothing to hide and maybe you’re a little insecure (which totally happens) then why not let your significant other go through your phone if that makes the person feel alot better?

Thoughts? 766-1079

Not to say that you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t seen the photos of Rihanna after the alleged beatdown Chris Brown gave her..but just in they are: The photo is BEFORE the maximum swelling occurred. CRAZY huh? It still trips me out what (supposedly) happened.

Also, been getting alot of calls to hear THIS Do Not Date List…check it here!

Cool or NOT Cool? Your Man Having Dinner with your Best Friend!

I was talking to my boy the other night and he was saying that he and his girlfriends best friend are going to dinner. To his defense, he’s a good dude and I would trust him with my girlfriend, however; I definitely think its weird. I asked around my place of work (the gym…what?) j/k…anyways, I asked around the station and it seems to be more common than I thought. So I figured I’d ask you…

Cool or NOT Cool? Your Man Having Dinner with your Best Friend!!


Plus, Christine from Sacramento returns for the 4th week in a row as, “Sacramento’s Fastest Texter”…can you beat her? At 8:30pm…your chance arrives!

Men with a cat..Cool or NOT cool?

Random!!! I got this call from a girl who wanted advice…she’s been dating this dude for about a month and everything is great so far. However; she can’t seem to get over the fact that he lives alone with a CAT! She says it’s “not manly” and he should have a dog.

PLUS he CUDDLES with the cat after sex!! WTF?

You tell us…Cool or NOT cool? Men who live alone with a cat!

Cool or NOT Cool? Dating your best friends ex?!?!?



one of our interns Rachel (check the pic)J was telling me how she just started dating some dude and everything is going great so far. I asked how they met and she told me that its one of her friends EX!! Is that off limits? how long until they CAN date? she said her friend, “doesn’t mind”… tell us..766-1079 or course you can always text us at 51909!

Man Crying On The FIRST Date!!!! WTF?!?!

A loyal listener named Katie called and said that she was just coming back from the WORST date ever! I asked why it was so bad..she then began to tell me how her date CRIED at the movies. Okay I get it, guys are sensitve too..I mean, I cried watching Rudy for the first time…she then corrected me and said, “no…you don’t understand! This was our FIRST DATE!!!” I began to tell this story to some chicks at the club…(after I was extracting information about music and station info for boss of course;) and i was VERY surprised at how many women said that it’s sexy and shows conifidence…

This brings me to Monday nights topic..


Text the word COOL or NOT COOL to 51909 and listen for the results as we unravel another “COOL OR NOT COOL” on The Up All Night Show!

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ALSO: The SECRET SONG of the night is Hot And Cold by Katy Perry and it will be play between 9pm and 10pm . When you hear it, be caller 107 at 766-1079 and you win Jingle Ball 2008 tickets BEFORE they even go on sale!! SHHH..don’t tell anyone though:)