Look good in the cold!! :)

It’s cold! How can you ladies still look cute out there?                            

Seriously it’s hella cold right now!! I’m not use to this kind of cold so I’m trying to come up with different ways for you ladies to stay warm while also looking cute at the same time. A girl’s always gotta keep the cuteness factor! lol. So here are a few items I think every girl should have during the cold weather that will help her stay warm but look cute at the same time!

1. UGGs

I know most dudes don’t dig em, but I love them! Most of my girlfriends who own a pair love them too! They’re soooo comfortable, seriously ladies if you haven’t tried them you should! You can wear them with skinny jeans tucked in to them.  
TIP: You might want to try to wear longer socks under these. Some girls hadvethem scratch up the back of their heel a few times when you wear short socks. but no biggie, they’re still super comfy.


Ok, So the great thing about scarves is there are soo many different styles and so many ways you can wear them. Luckily for u, scarves have been a IN for a little bit now. So grab one in every color and have fun with them. TIP: If you get the super light ones you could rock it even when after the cold weather is gone just to add some color to your outfit.


3. Leg Wear

These are my fav’s!!! So whether you go with leggings or full on nylons you can’t go wrong! Both are in right now! You always see celebs running around in leggings. My girlfriends love wearing leggings so much better than wearing jeans. TIP: You can wear them casually with a pair of Uggs and a long sweater or you can dress them up by wearing them under a dress paired with some heels.

4. Cute hats!

So I’m not big on the hats, but I  know some hot girls that do own a few.They come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day (which happens a lot during the winter with rain, wind, cold…not sexy). There’s different types so try a bunch on and see what works best on you. There’s something for everyone. TIP: Get a couple in bright colors and use them as your accent color to spice up a plain outfit.