Sweet or PSYCHO?!?!/Sex Tape Training Video Vol 2

Saw an interesting tweet today from one of our listeners who received a dozen roses from a man delivered to her work the day after their FIRST DATE! Some may call this sweet..others may call it PSYCHO! Ladies, something ever creep you out even though his intention was to be sweet? Another friend of mine said that a gentlemen emailed her to ask her out on a lunch date and included some pictures of his daughter. I can see how he is “proud” which is admirable however, I can also see the psycho side of that…

I’m sure you’ve been DYING for another video..I mean, how many times can you watch the first one, right? lol “Joe Breezy’s Sex Tape Training Video Vol. 2 is being filmed late next week. Did someone say, “pizza delivery boy rips off his clothes when extra sausage is ordered?” details coming soon….







Speaking of sex tape? what’s up with Rebecca Gayheart (Noxema chick), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy dude) and Kari Ann Peniche (former Miss Teen USA turned Playmate then kicked off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab for sex addiction) releasing a sex tape?!?!! God Bless their hearts!..uhh and their other..uhh body parts;)