Humpday/Cheating/Ticket Tag

Happy Humpage everyone! It’s Wednesday which means you round up because its the middle of the week, which makes us closer to Thursday which is pretty much Friday..therefore, The Weekend is HERE!!! LOL.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. Kinda chill. Went to the gym (for some reason I insist on putting Nick Lachey on my ipod when I workout my biceps so I can look in the mirror and pretend I was him….what?) btw, what about me having a pic of a shirtless dude on my blog right now…not vibey..

Tomorrow is “Ticket Tag” which means all you have to do is remember the winners’ name of the previous hour, then you win. Every hour all day starting at 8am with The Wake Up Call. On the line: tickets to see Daughtry in concert along with your shot at the grand prize which is Meet And Greet passes!! Tonight we’re going to talk about, “How To Cheat and NOT get caught” 😉 so you ladies can learn how to either catch your man, or keep your game tight! for some “informational reading..click HERE! Talk to you tonight at 7pm!!