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Michael Jackson Passes Away At Age 50 :(

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So now its the weekend, and it everything has definitely sunk in. There are different components of his life that are tough to ignore. The allegations of molestation and the musical genius he contributed. I try to stay on the positive because let’s face it, myself nor you know the truth behind the allegations. As silly as this sounds, I never thought MJ would die. Not that I though he would live forever, but I just really never thought of him dying. I was hoping my kids (assuming I have some) would be around to see him make another comeback. I also realized that the absolute pinnacle of  “coolness” is Michael Jackson. Okay, maybe in 10 years Kanye, JT, etc might have that kind of influence however, at the end of the day, they’re just wannabe MJ’s anyway. So now what? Who’s going to takeover?…I guess time will tell.