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Endfest Recap/Cheating Drama

So needless to say Endfest 2009 was OFF THE HOOK!!!! A HUGE thank you is in store to YOU the listeners and fans that came out to Raley Field. Here are some of pics and videos from the show.

Also, when I came into the station today, I got this email:

Joe Breezy I NEED your help! I met this guy about 3 weeks ago in Midtown at a bar and we totally hit it off. He mentioned he had a gf but it didn’t bother me at the time. That night we hooked up. We ended up sleeping together a couple more times since then and he said he was hopefully going to break-up with his gf soon. Well, I saw them at Endfest together and it crushed me. Now I feel like I need to tell her if he doesn’t break-up with her. Obviously I’m embarassed, however reality hit and I truly feel bad. Am I wrong for telling her or am I doing the right thing?

We’re going to talk to “Amy from Folsom” tonight and see if we can help her out:)

Thoughts? 766-1079 or text me at 51909

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#1 melissa on 06.05.09 at 5:01 pm

No you shouldn’t tell her because the only reason you wanna tell her now is because you seen them together at the concert and it pissed you off. Just leave him alone and find another guy….But this time if the next guy you meet says he has a gf leave him alone