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Britney’s P**** Fell out?

okay, now tons and tons of you are going to Dan Mason’s Blog HERE to see the video and hear the audio of Britney Spears saying, “My P**** fell out!” while she was performing. Well guess what Mr. Boss Mason? I have the ACTUAL VIDEO OF HER P**** FALLING OUT! Don’t doubt the Breez-a-nator!! (did I seriously just give myself a nickname for a nickname? YES! Cause I CAN:)

Ohh ya..the video..check out!

..and if that isn’t enough for you..during some day drinking over the weekend with some friends, I noticed some of the girls having some fun male bashing. That’s usually when I order my 13th beer and get the hell out, however it was pretty entertaining. They were playing,

“Your EX in 3 words or Less!” ..So ladies, its all you..and may the most creative win Sierra At Tahoe lift tickets! Good Luck!

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#1 AndrewBoldman on 06.04.09 at 6:07 am

da best. Keep it going! Thank you