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Fallout Boy at YOUR School!


Alright, so we’ve been talking about it for almost a week now and an obvious thanks to the schools that are collecting donations HOWEVER; its time for us ALL to kick this thing into high gear! Click on the picture above for more info..

AND…I wanna see some schools talk some crap! I’ve been getting TONS of texts, emails, and calls saying, “my school is sooo much better than yours…our school is going to win without a doubt”…leave YOUR thoughts below!


#1 tjay24 on 03.02.09 at 9:11 pm

Rocklin is GARBAGE! Its all about Granite Bay..we’re getting Fallout Boy! Rocklin suuuuuckkkss and you know it! LMAO!

#2 shelbie on 03.02.09 at 9:29 pm

just cuz granite bay kids have a bunch of rich mommies and daddies doesnt mean they will win.
its rocklin ALL the way.

#3 THUNDA!! on 03.04.09 at 10:48 pm

rocklin is gonna kick butt so i wudnt be talking trash (this means u granite bay)….no one is gonna steal our THUNDA!!!!

#4 Jules on 03.18.09 at 10:11 pm

Excuse me but I think that is was Oak Ridge that won….Yeah We rock! Go trojans!!!!!