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Look good in the cold!! :)

It’s cold! How can you ladies still look cute out there?                            

Seriously it’s hella cold right now!! I’m not use to this kind of cold so I’m trying to come up with different ways for you ladies to stay warm while also looking cute at the same time. A girl’s always gotta keep the cuteness factor! lol. So here are a few items I think every girl should have during the cold weather that will help her stay warm but look cute at the same time!

1. UGGs

I know most dudes don’t dig em, but I love them! Most of my girlfriends who own a pair love them too! They’re soooo comfortable, seriously ladies if you haven’t tried them you should! You can wear them with skinny jeans tucked in to them.  
TIP: You might want to try to wear longer socks under these. Some girls hadvethem scratch up the back of their heel a few times when you wear short socks. but no biggie, they’re still super comfy.


Ok, So the great thing about scarves is there are soo many different styles and so many ways you can wear them. Luckily for u, scarves have been a IN for a little bit now. So grab one in every color and have fun with them. TIP: If you get the super light ones you could rock it even when after the cold weather is gone just to add some color to your outfit.


3. Leg Wear

These are my fav’s!!! So whether you go with leggings or full on nylons you can’t go wrong! Both are in right now! You always see celebs running around in leggings. My girlfriends love wearing leggings so much better than wearing jeans. TIP: You can wear them casually with a pair of Uggs and a long sweater or you can dress them up by wearing them under a dress paired with some heels.

4. Cute hats!

So I’m not big on the hats, but I  know some hot girls that do own a few.They come in handy when you’re having a bad hair day (which happens a lot during the winter with rain, wind, cold…not sexy). There’s different types so try a bunch on and see what works best on you. There’s something for everyone. TIP: Get a couple in bright colors and use them as your accent color to spice up a plain outfit.

Pitbull Attack







Okay, I’m sure by the title of this blog you’re already calling B.S. I mean you hear about people getting attacked by pitbulls but not too many people actuallly know someone who has been attacked. Well, as of Wednesday this week, it happened to me.

I agreed to watch my friend’s dog over the weekend and we decided it would be best to meet the dog first with my friend. So we walk in his apartment, he was obviously excited and I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Although, I did have a bad feeling. Matt (my friend, the owner of the dog who is a Pit/Boxer and 75lbs) decided to take Tyson (the dog) for a walk. All was good, we returned, nothing too out of the ordinary. Than I was instructed to pet him, so I did. I pet him, he licked me and when I went to stand back up, he jumped up and bit my face knocking my tooth out instantly. Needless to say it was pure chaos after that. Blood everwhere, I’m freaking out, Matt is freaking out, the dog still running around. Matt grabbed Tyson and safely put him in the other room away from the blood and us. It wasn’t until a few minutes later that I realized he took a bite out of my face.

Here I am 48 hours later, a trip the ER and emergency dental work (thanks for Dr. Ronald Rasi) and couldn’t feel more lucky. What if Tyson would’ve locked his jaw? What if he would’ve ripped my lip completely off? What if I wasn’t lucky enough to have Dr. Rasi see me the next morning before the rest of his clients and on the phone with me within 20 minutes of the incident. (That  REALLY put me at ease) I’m not really trippin off scars…that’s not a big deal to me.

I feel bad that Matt feels so bad. I know it wasn’t his fault, it was a freak accident. Needless to say, if he would’ve thought this was even a possibility, he wouldn’t have invited me over in the first place. If it was a strangers dog it would be alot easier, it’s just the dynamics of it all. I love dogs, feel bad for the dog, feel bad for myself, feel bad for my friend who feels bad and we’re now faced w/ medical bills..and NO ONE wanted this…

Makes you realize how lucky/unlucky you can be and in the split of a second, your life can be altered.

Be safe this weekend and no kissing dogs hard on the mouth…unless you’re doing some serious dog spooning, which is always nice:)

P.S. Check back for updates on my progress as I continue to work with Dr. Rasi on getting a perfect smile:) ((((GRIN))))


YES! You’re friends are correct, we are doing 200 SONGS IN A ROW EVERY TUESDAY WITHOUT A SINGLE COMMERCIAL AND commercial free hours ALL WEEK LONG!!! Think about it, you can drive to LA and back and still not hear a commercial. You can fly to Paris and not hear a single commercial. You can have pre-marital sex w/ me twice and not hea..err, what?



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12 Relationship Red Flags-Is he the one? Well, maybe we can help..HERE!

Sextape Training Video Vol 2-The ART of Role Playing..

How YOU can make a sextape!

and for those who haven’t seen Vol 1:

Special thanks to Taylor our Executive Producer, Just Matt our choreographer and sex consultant, Tommy G our prop coordinator and YOU the 3 listeners that want to see this…lol

Jon Gosslin’s NEW Reality Show

So Jon Gosslin inked his own reality show and they still haven’t come up with a name for it. I figured we’d open it up to listeners to help us come up with one. Phone lines went nuts, Twitter blew up, and check some of the titles from my facebook page…lol

 We’re also getting closer to the kick off our resident alcoholic’s Tommy G’s transformation. Tommy has set a goal to lose 100lbs in 1 year. His first goal however, is to lose 50lbs by New Year’s. Btw Ladies, we’re currently acception applications to make out with Tommy on stage on NYE as a form of motivation for him to lose the weight. Tommy is a great friend and I encourage you to follow his life-changing quest at 🙂

Your DREAM sextape/Twitter Tuesday/Nick Cannon comeback

All this talk about the threesome sextape (see my post below) who would you LOVE to see in a sextape?

Also, it’s twitter Tuesday which means we got tickets for you to the State Fair to check out David Cook in concert this Friday night! Listen for when to tweet us to win:)


Also, check out Nick Cannon’s comeback (diss record) to Eminem. Or is it really NIck? Doesn’t sound like him to me…

Sweet or PSYCHO?!?!/Sex Tape Training Video Vol 2

Saw an interesting tweet today from one of our listeners who received a dozen roses from a man delivered to her work the day after their FIRST DATE! Some may call this sweet..others may call it PSYCHO! Ladies, something ever creep you out even though his intention was to be sweet? Another friend of mine said that a gentlemen emailed her to ask her out on a lunch date and included some pictures of his daughter. I can see how he is “proud” which is admirable however, I can also see the psycho side of that…

I’m sure you’ve been DYING for another video..I mean, how many times can you watch the first one, right? lol “Joe Breezy’s Sex Tape Training Video Vol. 2 is being filmed late next week. Did someone say, “pizza delivery boy rips off his clothes when extra sausage is ordered?” details coming soon….







Speaking of sex tape? what’s up with Rebecca Gayheart (Noxema chick), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy dude) and Kari Ann Peniche (former Miss Teen USA turned Playmate then kicked off Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab for sex addiction) releasing a sex tape?!?!! God Bless their hearts!..uhh and their other..uhh body parts;)

FML Fridays!

Ever get pissed off? (its better to be pissed off then pissed o…err, I mean..what?) Things not go our way sometimes? To the point where you want to scream F**k MY LIFE!!!! Well, now is your chance! Starting tonight at 7pm, its officially “FML Fridays” on The Up All Night Show! Give me a call at 766-1079 and tell me what pissed you off this week, then at the top of your lungs yell, “FML!!!!!” I’m pretty sure you’ll feel alot better after 🙂

The New Guy brings MALE ENHANCEMENTS to work??

Pretty exciting time for us, Bennie Siegal (formerly of another radio station down the dial) is on tonight at 9pm. HOWEVER, he brought something..uhh…kinda strange..

Humpday/Cheating/Ticket Tag

Happy Humpage everyone! It’s Wednesday which means you round up because its the middle of the week, which makes us closer to Thursday which is pretty much Friday..therefore, The Weekend is HERE!!! LOL.

Today has been a pretty good day for me. Kinda chill. Went to the gym (for some reason I insist on putting Nick Lachey on my ipod when I workout my biceps so I can look in the mirror and pretend I was him….what?) btw, what about me having a pic of a shirtless dude on my blog right now…not vibey..

Tomorrow is “Ticket Tag” which means all you have to do is remember the winners’ name of the previous hour, then you win. Every hour all day starting at 8am with The Wake Up Call. On the line: tickets to see Daughtry in concert along with your shot at the grand prize which is Meet And Greet passes!! Tonight we’re going to talk about, “How To Cheat and NOT get caught” 😉 so you ladies can learn how to either catch your man, or keep your game tight! for some “informational HERE! Talk to you tonight at 7pm!!