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Get PAID to look hot!

And guess who is handing out the money???   YOU!  Get this one…

People who were paid to lose weight ($7 to $14 per pound) shed more than those without monetary motivation, a study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine finds. Write a check for a friend to cash if you don’t stick to your regimen. Instant

I’m kinda taking a different approach…I want these jeans at Lucky so freakin bad, so instead of just buying them…I will reward myself after I lose 5 more pounds!  It’s brilliant!!!  We always perform better when a prize is involved haha.  Try it out:)  Oh and f.y.i. check these hot jeans out!  The back is so cute and they are on SALE for $85!!!

Bombs away for only $20!

ONLY $20!!!  Cute little bomber jacket at Target!  I found mine at the Target on Madison.  Tons of great fall clothes so check them out!

Chocolate treat!

OMG I love these!  I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I need to reiterate how awesome they are!  90 calories…that’s it!  Only 1 POINT too!!!  Hell if you’re really craving some chocolate have two!  Click the pic for more:)  So good…I want one now haha.

Grab N Go!

So I was thinking (shocker) and decided that you don’t need to restrict yourself to only “healthy” cereals.  Hell it all boils down to portion control anyway.  So instead of measuring your Kashi (I’ve totally done that), why don’t you grab some Frosted Flakes?  These Grab N Go’s are only 80 calories and delicious:)  OR just pick up one of those cereal packs!  The serving size is perfect and you get to enjoy something a little more tasty!

Weight Watchers!

I joined Weight Watchers a little over a week ago and I have already lost 5 pounds!!!  I know the weight loss will slow down after week 2, but lemme tell ya I feel so much better!  I lost the 6-8 pounds I put on since dating Josh.  Relationships…the one downfall right?  So I finally started dressing cute again.  When I have a fat day and feel gross…the hoodie and jeans come out and I end up looking homeless haha.  Anyway’s I’m on the Flex Plan and I’m pretty happy with it.  You can still eat whatever you want, just don’t go over your daily point allowance.  Click the pic for the link and good luck!

Keep the pace!

Make your own remixes!!!  When I work out I want straight up booty music!  Still when you get to a slow song on your IPod it slows down your pace…hence less calories burned.  Well there’s this awesome site called that allows you to upload your music and choose the beats per minute!  Meaning you choose the tempo!  That way you can work out to the music and keep a steady pace the entire time.  Click the pic to get started:)

Skinny cow!!!

I know I’ve talked about Skinny Cow before, but I wanted to remind you about it!  These (above) are insanely awesome!  Now that I’ve joined Weight Watchers, I have been going nuts.  What is it about a structured diet that makes you crave the weirdest things???  For example, I have been obsessed with fast food lately (although I haven’t had any of it in months).  I’m not even a big fan of fast food…wtf?  I think you just want to rebel haha and eat all the crap you know you can’t.  Anyway’s chocolate is something I incorporate into my diet everyday, because if I don’t I go through withdrawl!  Skinny Cow allows me to do that…GUILT FREE!  One sandwich is only 150 calories, 2 grams of fat, and 2 WW POINTS!  Hello AWESOME!  Go pick some up stat, you won’t be sorry.  To see other Skinny Cow products click the pic above and enjoy!

$5 footlong!

Love me some Subway baaaby!  If I don’t have time in the morning to pack a lunch, then Subway is my back up!  I always get a 6″ Veggie, BUT they do offer $5 footlongs too!  Hey have half for lunch and half for dinner.  So good and super healthy!  Click the pic for more.  Great fast food without the cals:)

Go Organic!

OMG I went to the best restaurant last night!  It was my girl, Jen’s, birthday dinner (Happy Birthday girlie!) and we were super impressed!  The Green House Restaurant is 100% organic and delicious:)  Portions are the perfect size too!  Click the pic above for the menu.  Check them out at 1595 Eureka Rd. in Roseville.  Oh here’s the number…916-789-1900.  F.Y.I. the Placer County Stone Fruit and Field Greens salad w/chicken is AWESOME!  Get the dressing on the side to save calories.

Need some help?

So grocery shopping can be frustrating if you’re on a diet.  Things you want but can’t have.  Not knowing if it’s really good for you.  Well Weight Watchers is here to help!  Click the pic above and you will find tons and tons of tips that can help you get into those skinny jeans.  Good luck!