OMG look at the pic…I’m salvating haha!  So my boyfriend and I have “date night” every Friday…we’re cheesy I know:P  We switch off every week with who picks the place and forks up the cash.  Well he took me to this AWESOME and I mean fricking AWESOME thai food restaurant in downtown a couple weeks ago.  It’s called Gaesorn Thai Restaurant on 9th (between J and K).  I lived in Philly for a year and that’s where I became addicted to curry, noodles and everything Thai (thanks Gabby haha).  Since moving to Sac,  I haven’t been able to find a restaurant that could compare to the thai places I went to in Philly.  There were few trendy places that “claimed” to be the best in Sac… ahem…I went  and they were not good at all.  I’m sorry but they weren’t.  Well Gaesorn is SO GOOD (better than Philly)!  They are known for their drunken noodles (yum), but I was obsessed with their yellow curry OMG!  Oh and the peanut sauce (on the side haha) to die for!  Call them if you want to try something new!  Let me know what you think:)  Here’s the number 916-444-3391 and here’s more info.  Oh and give me a heads up if you have a fav restaurant you want to share.