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Try this!


I read SELF magazine religiously and one awesome article I always go back to, talks about the 20 Super Foods that help you lose weight.   I try to incorporate these foods into my diet as much as possible.  Here’s their write up on Kale (below).   Personally, I have to be in the mood for kale, so I usually substitute it with spinach, but hey you may love it!  Give it a try:) 


Long sidelined as a lowly garnish, this green belongs center stage on your plate. One raw chopped cup contains 34 calories and about 1.3 grams of fiber, as well as a hearty helping of iron and calcium. But kale’s earthy flavor might take some getting used to. Spinach, another nutrient powerhouse, is a milder-tasting option.

Eat more Mix chopped raw kale into cooked black beans, says Jennifer Iserloh, founder of Skinny Chef Culinary Ventures, in New York City. Or slice kale into thin strips, sauté it with vegetable broth and top with orange slices. Make it a meal by tossing the mix with quinoa.




OMG look at the pic…I’m salvating haha!  So my boyfriend and I have “date night” every Friday…we’re cheesy I know:P  We switch off every week with who picks the place and forks up the cash.  Well he took me to this AWESOME and I mean fricking AWESOME thai food restaurant in downtown a couple weeks ago.  It’s called Gaesorn Thai Restaurant on 9th (between J and K).  I lived in Philly for a year and that’s where I became addicted to curry, noodles and everything Thai (thanks Gabby haha).  Since moving to Sac,  I haven’t been able to find a restaurant that could compare to the thai places I went to in Philly.  There were few trendy places that “claimed” to be the best in Sac… ahem…I went  and they were not good at all.  I’m sorry but they weren’t.  Well Gaesorn is SO GOOD (better than Philly)!  They are known for their drunken noodles (yum), but I was obsessed with their yellow curry OMG!  Oh and the peanut sauce (on the side haha) to die for!  Call them if you want to try something new!  Let me know what you think:)  Here’s the number 916-444-3391 and here’s more info.  Oh and give me a heads up if you have a fav restaurant you want to share.

To the left to the left…

The best thing to do while dining out…GET ALL DRESSINGS, SAUCES, ETC. ON THE SIDE!!!  This is where most of the calories and fat grams come from.  So yeah order that yummy chicken dish, just get the sauce on the side.  You can still enjoy the sauce…but this way it’ll be in moderation!  Have fun!

Skip the cocktail…

I’m probably going to tick some peeps off with this one, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.  Can you drink while on a diet?  Sure.  Will you lose weight faster if you cut alcohol out of your diet?  YES!  I am living proof of that.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to have a Heineken Light while watching my Red Sox, but since I’m trying to look cute in a bikini by December (vacation), I’m willing to skip it.  When I first moved to Sac-Town I was 23 and just getting out of my “party stage.”  I’m a lightweight, so two drinks was all it took to get me pretty tipsy.  Well we all know what happens after you have some drinks at the club…on the way home you convince your DESIGNATED DRIVER to make a pit stop at Taco Bell or some other fast food joint and after a few weekends of that…the jeans are fitting a little tight.  You know what I’m saying?  Well after I realized I didn’t really like that “tight jean” feeling, I decided to cut alcohol out completely.  Not even kidding you…I lost 10 pounds that first month!  And I didn’t even drink that much in the first place!  I started working out and eating organic food.  I felt so much better!!!  I still have a light beer every now and then, but that’s about it.  Trust me if you want to lose weight quick, this will jumpstart it!  OH and if you still want to go out and have some drinks…these are the 6 least fattening!  Let me know if this works for you!  Good luck and PLEASE don’t ever drink and drive.

 P.S. Here’s a list from Forbes that shows the Most Fattening Cocktails.  So watch out!!!

What’s yours?

So has a cool tool to find your “ideal” body weight…click the pic to find yours!  Oh and f.y.i. I was 5 pounds over mine…dammit haha!


I LOVE sandwiches LOVE EM!  Still I’m always looking for cool ways to spice it up!  I mean BLT’s are fun for only so long…  Well thanks to my obsession with SELF I have found 6 yummy and HEALTHY sandwich recipes!!!  SO good!!!  Plus they’re fun to make (the Grilled Vegetable and Mozzarella Panini f’ing rules)!!!  Get the recipes by clicking the pic above!  Enjoy!

Thank you Nabisco!

I used to buy those cappuccino mixes all the time, but they were a little too high in calories so I had to bid adieu:(  Well..until NOW!  They now offer 100 calorie packs!  Click the pic for more and get the cafe mocha!  OMG SO GOOD!  Perfect for those chilly fall nights!

Rihanna gets mistaken for PRINCE!

While in London, fans were super excited to see who they thought was “Prince!”  Only problem is they were screaming at Rihanna!!!  Oops!  Although she doesn’t really look like him (I mean she doesn’t have a mustache or anything)…the hair is kinda similar.  Time to get a new haircut RiRi!


Hungry Girl once again has the latest on Lean Cuisine!  Looks like they now offer multiserve pizzas!  Super yummy and much better (calorie wise) than regular pizza!  Just make sure you don’t eat the whole thing by yourself haha…hey it’s possible!  Click the pic to see where you can get some in your area!  Enjoy:)


Hungry Girl posted the other day about Fiber One’s NEW toaster pastries!!!  The one above is chocolate fudge mmmmm…yes please!  One pastry is 190 calories, 4.5 grams of fat and 3 WW POINTS!  Not too bad.  Try and pick some up!